18 cm^3 of 1.0 M H_2SO_4 just reacted with 24 cm^3 of 1.5 M NaOH to form sodium sulfate & water....


{eq}18 \ cm^3 {/eq} of {eq}1.0 \ M \ H_2SO_4 {/eq} just reacted with {eq}24 \ cm^3 {/eq} of {eq}1.5 \ M \ NaOH {/eq} to form sodium sulfate & water. Calculate the amounts in moles of sulfuric acid & sodium hydroxide reacting & write an equation for the reaction.

Calculation of moles given volume and molarity:

The number of moles of a solute can be obtained if the volume and molarity of the solution is known. For example, the moles of sulfuric acid in a given volume can be determined from the molarity of the solution.

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The balanced equation for the reaction is given below.

{eq}\rm H_2SO_4(aq)+2NaOH(aq)\rightarrow Na_2SO_4(aq)+2H_2O(l) {/eq}

Moles of sulfuric acid....

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