1. Portable hot packs are available for skiers and other people engaged in other outdoor...


1. Portable hot packs are available for skiers and other people engaged in other outdoor activities in a cold climate. The air-permeable paper packet contains a mixture of powdered iron, sodium chloride, and other components, all moistened by a little water. The exothermic iron, sodium chloride, and other components,al moistened by a ittle water The exothermic reaction that produces the heat is a very common one, the rusting of iron:

4Fe(s) + 302 (g) --> 2Fe 203(s)

When the outside plastic envelope is removed, O2 molecules penetrate the paper, causing the reaction to begin. A typical packet contains 250 g of iron to warm your hands or feet for up to 4 hours. How much heat (in kJ) is produced by this reaction?

......... * 10^ ..... kJ(Enter your answer in scientific notation.)

2. What is the smallest atom in Group 6A of the periodic table?


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Chalcogens or pyrite forming elements are the termed used to describe group 6A in the periodic table. These elements typically form metallic oxides (pyrites) with metals and metalloids.

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1. The heat released by hot packs is simply the change in enthalpy of reaction.

{eq}\begin{align*} &\Delta H_{rxn}=\Delta H_{Fe_2O_3}-\Delta...

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