1. On December 1, Buckbeak Company borrowed $20,000 from Pettigrew Company, giving a 60-day, 12%...


1. On December 1, Buckbeak Company borrowed $20,000 from Pettigrew Company, giving a 60-day, 12% note. If the correct adjusting entry is made on December 31, Buckbeak's entry at maturity is:

ANotes Payable$20,000

BNotes Payable $20,000
Interest Payable$200
Interest Expense$200

CNotes Payable$20,000
Interest Expense$400

DNotes Payable$20,000
Interest Payable$400

2. Scott Company has 5 sales employees, each of whom earns $16,000 per month and is paid on the last working day of the month. Each employee's wages are subject to FICA social security taxes of 62% and Medicare taxes of 1.45% on all wages. Withholding for each employee also includes federal income tax of 16% and monthly medical insurance premiums of $440 for each employee

The entry to accrue the company's monthly sales salaries expense on January 31 will not include:

a) A credit to Accrued Payroll Payable of $21,120

b) A credit to FICA- Medicare Taxes Payable for $1,160

c) A credit to FICA-Social Security Taxes Payable for $4,960

d) A credit to Employee Medical Insurance Payable for $2,200

3. Sunshine Company has the following monthly payroll for June 2016:

Total salaris$108,000
Salaries subject to FICA taxes(6.2%+1.45%)$108,000
Salaries subject to FUTA (0.8%) and state unemployment taxes (2.7%)$28,000
Income taxes withheld9,700

The total employer's payroll tax expense for this period is:

a) $10, 476

b) $ 1, 558

c) $18, 942

d) $ 9, 242

Notes Payable and Payroll Taxes:

Recording of adjusting month end entry for interest expense. Also the recording of the monthly payroll entries. Both sets of entries are fundamental parts of the month end close entries.

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1) D is the correct answer because it assumes that at Dec 31- $200 of interest expense is recorded and that on Jan 31 the remaining $200 of interest...

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