1) Inventory at the beginning of the year cost $13,400. During the year, the company purchased...


1) Inventory at the beginning of the year cost $13,400. During the year, the company purchased (on account) inventory costing $84,000. Inventory that had cost $80,000 was sold on account for $95,000. At the end of the year, inventory was counted and its cost was determined to be $17,400.

a) Calculate the cost of goods sold.

b) What was the dollar amount of Gross Profit?

c) Prepare journal entries to record these transactions, assuming a perpetual inventory system is used.

2) Assume Anderson's General Store bought, on credit, a truckload of merchandise from American Wholesaling costing $23,000. The company was charged $650 in transportation cost by National Trucking, immediately returned goods to American Wholesaling costing $1,200, and then took advantage of American Wholesaling's 2/10, n/30 purchase discount.

Prepare journal entries to record the inventory transactions, assuming Anderson's uses a perpetual inventory system.

Gross Profit

Gross Profit is a line-item in the Income Statement report which aims to show the revenues earned by a business after deducting its Cost of Goods Sold for the year against its Net Sales, meaning Sales Revenue less Sales Returns & Allowances and Sales Discounts. Additionally, a company's Gross Profit can be presented ratio to show to the investors how efficient the management is when it comes to managing its resources during the manufacturing process of its goods.

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Problem 1

Requirement A

Beg. Inventory $13,400
add: Purchases 84,000
Total 97,400
less: Ending Inventory (17,400)
Cost of Goods Sold...

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