1. How can nutrigenomics be useful for our health? 2. Do you feel there are any ethical issues...


1. How can nutrigenomics be useful for our health?

2. Do you feel there are any ethical issues with nutrigenomics?


Science has exponentially evolved and advanced in the past few decades. There are many different fields of science, and part of this advancement is considering how different fields overlap, such as physics and anatomy, nutrition and genetics, and more.

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1. Nutrigenomics is the study of the interactions between genetics and nutrition and how they impact human health. By understanding where poor interactions are between these three components, they can be corrected for to improve health. For example, if someone has a genetic condition (e.g. cystic fibrosis) and eats a poor diet (e.g. fast food), their nutrition might be worsening their genetic condition. However by modifying their diet (e.g. healthy foods), health will be improved.

2. Many different ethical issues can be identified and argued for by different individuals when considering nutrigenomics. One of which is that only people with money can access this type of healthcare. This leaves individuals who are less "well-off" without equitable medical care and worsen health conditions (e.g. not knowing their diet is worsening their cystic fibrosis). Even if they did have access to this healthcare, changing diets to healthier ones or ones that accommodate for conditions (e.g. glucose free) is also expensive. This can increase the stress of individuals when choosing between money and health.

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