1) How can human resource management contribute to a company's success? (LO 1.1) 3) What skills...


1) How can human resource management contribute to a company's success? (LO 1.1)

3) What skills are important for success in human resource management? Which of these skills are already strengths of yours? Which would you like to develop? (LO 1.3)

4) Traditionally, human resource management practices were developed and administered by the company's human resource department. Line managers are now playing a major role in developing and implementing HRM practices. Why do you think non-HR managers are becoming more involved? (LO 1.4)

5) If you were to start a business, which aspects of human resource management would you want to entrust to specialists? Why? (LO 1.3)

6) Why do all managers and supervisors need knowledge and skills related to human resource management? (LO 1.4)

Human resource management

Human resource management refers to the recruitment and management of employees in order to appraise the performance of employees. It works in accordance with the labor and welfare laws of the land. It is a continuous process involving quality of employee life and employee discipline.

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1. Human resource department helps to improve performance and production of the company. Each and every job related to human development, recruitment...

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